Buckaroo Dogs

     Grab a copy of this comedic, feel good western children audio book. It is a tale that you don't want to miss, a unique narrative about three special dogs, Waddie, Woodrow, and Wes. The Buckaroo Dogs are three very delightful dogs that adventure, and defend their home.


     They live on a ranch in Eastern Organ. Waddie is the boss dog, Woodrow is the boss's sidekick, and last but not least Wes is the oldest dog but he is wise and a little cranky too. They guard the ranch from the critters that try to get away with mischief, and it is up to the dogs to stop them.


     This story was created by John Erfurth, written and illustrated by Jay Pierce, and told with the voice of Butch Martin. Children adore this audio book. Let them escape to a journey with the Buckaroo Dogs.buckaroodogs




Adventures of the Buckaroo Dogs

Episode 1: Fresh Eggs

Episode 2: The Intruder

Episode 3: The Wayward Pooch

Episode 4: Woodrow's Trip

Episode 5: Darn Diggers

Episode 6: Beauty and a Buddie

Episode 7: The Big Fellow



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